Audrey Hale and the Rise of the American Tranissary

Submitted by Thomas Peter Carter

On Monday, March 27 2023 Audrey Hale, a biological woman who believed she was a man, forcibly entered Covenant Christian School in Nashville Tennessee and murdered three nine year old children with an assault rifle. In addition, she also killed three adults working at the school, all in their sixties. She was then shot and killed by responding officers. 

But far from being merely another mass shooting, an occurrence not at all uncommon in the modern United States, Hale’s depraved rampage may be looked back upon as an important turning point in the history of American cultural history and military technology.

Historically, in empires that specialized in the application of hard military power, elite and specialized units evolved and developed to suit the needs of the particular tasks at hand in a given era, often being recruited from among a peculiar ethnic or religious minority.

The British Empire famously made use of their elite units of Gurkhas, the Aztecs dressed their most feared warriors as eagles and jaguars, the Byzantines employed axe-wielding norse mercenaries who formed an elite palace guard, Swiss Pikeman dominated the battlefields of Renaissance Europe while contemporary Russia makes great use of soldiers of the Wagner group, a non-insignificant number of whom were recruited from the country’s famously brutal prisons.

For the last century the American military has been dominated by a reliance on large conventional units: the Marines for instance which constitutes its own official branch of the military. This all may be about to change however, as the wave of irrepressible “woke” ideological fervor currently sweeping the nation is now presenting the American Empire with a truly epochal opportunity to forge an entirely new soldier. 

A new soldier simultaneously capable of inflicting the most depraved and wicked violence imaginable on his enemies while also exhibiting the same kind of unwavering usually only associated with the most faithful of dogs.

Traditionally, Janissaries— an elite corps of soldiers employed with much success by the Ottoman empire during the height of its power— were taken from the ranks of kidnapped and enslaved Christian children. While traumatic, this practice worked well to sever the children from any connection to their former lives and ensured a life-long loyalty to the only family they would know from then on: their Janissary unit and their new father, the Sultan, who commanded it. 

It worked so well in fact, that Janissaries would sometimes end up returning the attack the very communities from which they were originally kidnapped, so deep seated and effective was their indoctrination into the Ottoman regime.

In a similar fashion, transgender ideology severs the afflicted, and not only from their families and friends but from their very selves as well. This sacrifice, which generally begins with the seemingly benign appropriation of new pronouns, ultimately culminates in a brutal genital mutilation ritual that involves, for biological men, the removal of the penis and carving of a flesh cavern to serve as a faux-vagina. While biological women frequently have skin and flesh grafted from other parts of their bodies to create a mock penis.

This is true dedication, perhaps the ultimate dedication. An act which violently separates and alienates those who undergo it, not only from their families but also from society at large, who are seemingly incapable of truly recognizing their new implicitly divine, identities (forced politeness aside) to the full extent demanded. 

This dissonance leads, inevitably, to an extreme sense of alienation. An alienation which tends to be accompanied by a variety of dysfunctional and antisocial behavior: substance abuse, homelessness, mental illness and suicide frequently follow. 

And now, as Audrey Hale showed last week, so do orgies of brutal violence against those deemed to be enemies of the American empire.

However sick, evil, and tragic this may seem from the viewpoint of the individuals and families afflicted, for the Globalist American Empire it is a potential goldmine of untapped human potential.

Already it seems, the great minds in the Defense Department have realized this and have wasted no time in making the modern Trannisary a key pillar of America’s defense planning in the 21st century. 

Under the maverick leadership of the Biden administration, Dr. Rachel Levine has become the first four-star transgender admiral, becoming the most prominent of a growing list of transgender military officers who frequently staff key positions within the Pentagon.

But the trend likely won’t stop with Levine. Already we are starting to see weaponized transgenders on the battlefield. In Ukraine for instance, a man who now calls himself Sarah Ashton Cirillo has become prominent on Twitter, posting footage (some of which is inadvertently hilarous) from in and around Ukraine’s frontlines in support of the Globalist American Empire’s war against Russia’s Christians in the Donbass.

Cirillo’s example is far from the only example of this, and posting more would be a tedious exercise for those reading this article. Suffice to say the United States has made it quite clear that sodomy and transgenderism are now officially pillars of both its foreign and domestic policies.

While many foolish boomers have attempted to laugh off these developments, insinuating in the process that the appearance of the American Tranissary on the modern battlefield heralds a ‘sissification’ of America’s military, the truth is the opposite. 

The modern tranissary is, in reality, the ideal foot soldier for the Globalist American Empire. 

Driven by bottomless resentment and hyped up on potent cocktails of hormones and regime propaganda, the tranissary is a potent, roided out killing machine whose carefully cultivated self-loathing and psychosis guarantee that they see death as more of a release than a punishment (as evidenced by their impressive suicide rates).

The spiritual equivalent of a rabid dog, tranissaries will be equally as dangerous to civilian populations as they will be to foreign adversaries belonging to the Eurasian coalition. As the Nashville massacre demonstrated, white christian children will be priority targets to be disposed of by whatever means available: bullet, bomb, or blade

The “tactical dilator” may currently be a running joke among the online right, but it is the Globalist American Empire who will get the last laugh. For it will largely be the dissident right’s own children and grandchildren who will be targeted for extermination by America’s trans warriors in pogroms that will be carried out in the next several decades, the rhetorical and philosophical groundwork for which has already been laid.

They will die in the camps by the thousands, in the coming Bergen-Belsens which will soon be built across the American hinterland, by starvation or machete or worse, all while the young martin sheen faces of the transgender mulatto overseeing their exterminations look on unmoved.

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  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    Good observation, and a good writeup that I can copypasta to noobs, except for the conclusion. While I appreciate disabusing the TV race of their notion that everything is going to be fine because they feel fine right now, the bleak future you present as certain doesn’t follow in an obvious way. That defeats the rhetorical point of driving home pessimism about homegrown civilian resistance movements. It may be more productive to compare the True Belief driving tranny soldiers to the quisling nihilism of the average normie, making intentional action unthinkable.


  2. Vxxc says:

    Overrated and 0.0078% of the population. Unstable and almost useless. Although this may explain the military’s bizarre push to accept gender dysphoria, mind you a push from the top.

    Also if we keep being cowards it’s going to be someone or something.
    The Trannys are the latest in a line.


    1. Ignatius says:

      The biggest problem is divisiveness which is how the empire went about recruiting the traitors who joined them to fight against their own people. Americans, like the inhabitants of the empire’s vassal countries’ engage in and push all kinds of petty loathing along the lines of gender and age. It follows that from these real divisions, especially gender, crazed and imaginary fissures like LG v T then emerge. This then results in decent and sane people normalising their own generalisations that come largely from the media sewer. This “boomer”, “gen Z” etc nonsense (sooo boring) that even this author alludes to is pathetic. I mean no offence but it is idiotic and mindless.
      Our enemies are diabolical people and they might even be demons so mature and profound thinking is necessary. Demons are real because we see them claiming the right to “educate” babies.
      Thinking tedious and trite nonsense based on prejudice won’t help us in any way but the enemy loves seeing them play out.
      This is a spiritual War and therefore looking at societies that believed in God and thrived until schism, greed and personal ambition began their decline are worthy of scrutiny.
      Alternatively we can all join in mocking monotheistic reverence and “boomers” with people who have gender dysphoria as another option. Choose wisely.


  3. Kim Bendix says:

    The paranoia seen on the Right is worse than tranny paranoia.


    1. Qbannon says:

      Ok pedo


  4. Not BAP says:

    “ Should the tyranny that has descended on our age ever gain the power it seeks and then be challenged enough to feel itself in danger, the mass annihilations that will be carried out by homosexual, transsexual, and especially lesbian commissars will exceed in scale and cruelty anything that has yet happened in known history. Imagine lesbian mulatta commissars with young Martin Sheen face and haircut manning the future Bergen-Belsens, installations that will span tens of miles.”


  5. Ted says:

    I don’t mind Trannys in the Military. As long as they are on the front lines.


    1. V Drago says:

      They’d make a good mine sweeping unit.


  6. Ivan Daczok says:

    Yes they’re resentful and angry. Many more Audrey Hale’s are lying in wait. Injecting hormones and antidepressants into lost, lonely misfits with serious mental health issues, all but guarantees as much.

    With that said, the trans community will never become a minimally competent, formidable fighting force. These kids are damaged and they cannot handle the stress of military service. Once they’re accepted, the only threat they’ll pose, is to the service branches and units that receive them.


  7. melpomene says:

    The CIa is doing to the gay community exactly what it did to the muslim community pre 9/11


  8. Carson says:

    The shooting was faked. Look at the girls shoes. She wore black Puma shoes going into school, then police shoot a mannequin of her, but dressed it up with flaming red Vans shoes. Police faked evidence. Charge police with conspiracy.


  9. Alex says:

    Very interesting. I didn’t know that about the Janissaries. This modernist version could evolve into something similar with drugs and hypnosis. The US is becoming so bizarre that I can almost imagine such a development. That said, Ivan Daczok is more likely right. It will be more of the same uncontrollable madness.


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