In Defense of Ontogenetic Masculinity

(Part 1: My Mettle & Our Underdog Status)

So as to prep you for this discussion please familiarize yourself with the facts in this article:

More Than 20,000 Military Members Became Sterile After COVID Vaccination

First off, men are more of a variable sort than women, and so to speak for strong men a statement of one’s mettle is required:

I was born to a family with many older sisters, and a mother that had many male traits. So, from the very beginning I was enmeshed in my sisters and their friends’ modus operandi. The emotional drama queens’ and attention whores’ world was unleashed on me at a very young age, and the only other person to put this forward, as to a point of importance in their life, was the martyred General George Patton.

I am married, though I left my first wife due to her feminist ideas, selfishness and inability to keep her word. Her reaction to being dumped, and the state’s support of her vices, allowed her to match the old saying:

‘Hell, hath no fury as a woman scorned.’

Therefore, I have some insights into Men’s Rights Organizations, MGTOW and the dating scene with an international perspective. My ex was a 10 in looks, but not in character or intelligence. Keeping in mind most relationships are ended by women, my experience here is not typical. I have 2 sons, that have both finished university, and have skills that will help them in earning a living.  

I have written a book, went to university and had a website with millions of visits until I saw the writing on the wall- as to censorship. Each month I read a non-fiction book and have a large library. I have been involved in several conservative political parties and done a full range of duties for them.

I have been in over 30 physical fights since I was a teenager, the vast majority of them not of my making- and so defensive. I tried to work out the conflict with words, but given the times we live in this was unsuccessful. A healthy portion of these fights were more than one opponent against me alone, and some of these had weapons. I have seen friends come to the support of others, to see these others not help in their own defense and that of their supporter. No good dead will go unpunished.  

I have a limited background in the military and have had many kin and ancestors that were in the military that have fought, and in some cases died, in the US Civil War, WWI & WWII being the most recent.

I have succeeded and won awards in many sports which include: gridiron football, freestyle wrestling, rugby, soccer, basketball, tennis, track & field, swimming & baseball. I was captain of my football team (as middle linebacker) but played both ways. I have coached many youth teams of mostly boys in another sport. One of my sons may go pros in his sport of choice.   

I am well over 6 foot and weightlift 3 to 4 times a week, and know of no one else in the same solid condition as me at my age. I am independently wealthy and feel I am good enough in bed with women to keep them satisfied, yet not tied to need sex from a woman to be pussy-whipped. Any woman that used sex to try and get me to do her bidding failed.

I have been moving to becoming an Orthodox Christian, and am only weary of its takeover by the same forces that have targeted all other churches, and inverted them, into new versions of guru headed NGOs of the usual culprits.

I also have some historical questions that I have put to E. Michael Jones (a brilliant catholic historian), and Jay Dyer (an equally brilliant orthodox scholar), and am awaiting their responses.    

As one is gauged by who one admires, here are mine (in no particular order): Cincinnatus, Bismarck, Alfred the Great, Czar Peter the Great, Nikola Tesla, Jules Verne, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Mahatma Gandhi, George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Jesus Christ and many to most Saints, exclusively only the Jesuits of Paraguay, Sun Tzu, the Prophet Mohamed, Saladin & Mother Teresa.

The Estrogen Elephant in the Room

Now to business. Men of character are under attack the most, but all men are under attack in some way, whether they want to admit it or not. The powers ‘that-should-not-be’ see such males as the only viable resistance to oppose their totalitarianism. These corruptors of men fear good men as Livy tells us from the past:

Hence tyrants are always fond of bad men, because they love to be flattered, but no man who has the spirit of a freeman in him will lower himself by flattery; good men love others, or at any rate do not flatter them. Moreover, the bad are useful for bad purposes; ‘nail knocks out nail,’ as the proverb says. It is characteristic of a tyrant to dislike everyone who has dignity or independence; he wants to be alone in his glory, but anyone who claims a like dignity or asserts his independence encroaches upon his prerogative, and is hated by him as an enemy to his power. Another mark of a tyrant is that he likes foreigners better than citizens, and lives with them and invites them to his table; for the one are enemies, but the Others enter into no rivalry with him.

I will cover all the best traits of men in later material of this multipart article, but for today the single starting point is to cover the fact that Wokism is simply a camouflage effort to mask the fact of the chemical, hormonal and biological attacks, with bodily influences, including, but not limited to, estrogen mimickers. This should be the real focus of why we suffer from effeminate males most of all. All other aspects come second, and so we must alert our supporters, and use our energies, to bare down and bring attention to emotional males that their NWO antagonists have made them thus. Measuring dicks and letting others divide and conquer men into even small groups, as we argue that someone has chosen to be gay, bi or any other alphabetic soup is of lesser importance as to this fact. In the past there were homosexual men, but they were not as often the effete type, which arouse in urban areas and when female culture took over weaker societies. 

Single mothers, effete occupations, fashion for males, talk-over-do and many more are built upon the first step of this biological attack, and to bemoan the other way round is weak and naïve in the extreme. To look at the final poor specimen of a male you see today, and tell him to pull himself up by his bootsteps is moronic and shows your over competitiveness with other males. Your need to point how you are better than other males, because you had better mentors in life or books, or were born a perfect specimen is hollow, when the fact you escaped being exposed in the womb to debilitating estrogen mimickers which allowed you the chance to be the man you are today, period, end of debate.

Added to this fact you are being a useful idiot in blaming the victims for suffering at the hand of the dishonorable villains, that you seem at some length to avoid placing their rightful responsibility for the fact that there are so many pitifully and pathetic versions of males today because of all their efforts. Stop your competing with other men to attract women. If you are truly solid, then you have a good woman and no longer need to sway women, or you are not interested in most women as you look for one of the few good ones that remain. I grant you they are very hard to find, though I am disregarding the sales pitches of women that, ‘there are no good men around anymore.’ This is in fact backwards.

For those stubborn bloody-minded male types, that even now, want to say that these chemicals found in every kind of product, that have lowered testosterone and sperm levels for several generations, are just merely an unhappy fluke! Well then, why are there not the same kind of testosterone mimickers found everywhere too??? Steroids can be found in sports, but are widely known to make men impotent. So, like women, roids lead to looking good and not in fact truly being good in the all-important ability to breed. Gays call straights breeders, and after I get through a longer description of what they are, they will unlikely want to fudgepack or gerbille race anymore if they can think at all.

With that said all aspects of true male traits will be looked at in the series of articles to come, and their opposites, and deliberate inversions by the corrupt, will be seen for what they mean to accomplish. With this knowledge you can be the man you wanted to be, make weaker males more manly, and allow the worst victims of this attack to blame their perpetrators, to then bring their wrath at them instead of real men, who are not responsible and do not deserve the ‘toxic male’ slogan label.

Honor With or Without U

13 Comments Add yours

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    >Stop your competing with other men to attract women.

    Speaking as a longtime moralizer…good luck getting that one to stick.


    1. timocrat3 says:

      Yes all the real solutions are difficult, but there are no simple solutions. Convenience is the playground of those in power as people give all their information and rights away for an easy answer. It is rooted in the vice sloth.


  2. jdothandle says:

    Men putting down and attacking other men in order to attract women is a huge issue. It’s why women used to be given to men at a young age. To prevent unhealthy competition. Women’s freedom unleashes the war of individual man against individual man as they attack everyone in order to be seen as the best choice in mates. It’s the fundamental divide and conquer strategy, no men will organize if men are busy attacking each other for women’s sake,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. timocrat3 says:

      Exactly correct, and in addition is the fact that women and girls will all try and go for the same males that are fashionable to their peer-groups. Their peer-groups are influence by the MSM, and then they get jaded and lose their self-facing nature. How many of us have met a girl that goes on about some past boyfriend the moment you meet them. Their heart-on-their -sleeve is related to still wanting males to emotionally soothe them and pledge emotionally not to do as the last guy. As with future articles they just go to new older woman emotions later, and never save their emotions for a male that has passed their logical screening.


      1. Gnillik Yot says:

        Does that explain why most Zoomer and Millenial women prefer leftist men?


      2. timocrat3 says:

        Sure, they follow their peer-group, who follow the media, who follow the money, who follow the think tanks, who are paid by the elites. Like male feminists, leftist men hope to be 1/2 simps to be in good with the sheeple girls.


  3. The Antifagonist says:

    You write that one does not need to compete for relative status “if [they] are truly solid”, yet feel the need to justify your own thoughts (in just as many words!) with an unironic, honest-to-God Navy SEALs copypasta; “I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces.”

    Are your thoughts not truly solid? Am I reading a draft? Well, that’s not important. What is important is what I’m going to write next. This is the time of vengeance and no word is worth saving. And I will put in the recycling bin as many as I can.

    You don’t have to understand that previous paragraph; it was my own masturbintroduction, for my own amusement. A bit distracting, is it not? Well, let’s continue.

    Improvement implicitly increases competitiveness in the same way that driving voltage up increases power. No way around this—these values are tied by definition. Besides, I suspect that you desire just as much as I do to live in a stagnant, bottom-leveled World (i.e., not at all). So, yes, yes, the intro. The intro! You thought the intro added something to the article lest you would have omitted it. Perhaps you thought it improved the article, made the article more attractive, more… competitive? Ah!, but this embellishment was merely aimed at anonymous readers, not at a potential wife! Better thoughts, but never better partners!

    Oh, I write for myself again. Totally useless for a reader? Maybe, but I won’t edit this. Where was I? Okay, okay. If a guess may be hazarded: is the thought you’re looking for, that Man should rather *always* look for competition, *but* that there is *never* any competition to be found when aiming downwards? In other words, that one should always strive to compete upwards?

    Well, I still don’t know if we have any mutual understanding, but I’m still smiling from your intro an hour later. Don’t take it the wrong way—I’m sure you meant well—but it is a bit 🤪. It’s time for me to stop writing. And it’s time for me to post.


    1. timocrat3 says:

      As for competition please read ‘Barren Metal’ by E. Michel Jones to see how things work. When the rules are the same for all, then competition is a good thing in the right areas. Insecure men over-compete and are always trying to one up others with words and actions. ‘ To be a man is to always be a bit of a boy, to be a boy is to always try to be a man.’ Only compete in the right areas, and women and girls should be competing for you, ad if they are not, then you must important yourself so they will want you. You want enough money, but a bad women will take it all from you, so make yourself great in other areas, and protect your money. That way you will not lose your money, your will get stronger as to pass on bad women.


  4. Gnillik Yot says:

    Does this explain why most Zoomer and Millennial women prefer leftist men?


  5. Gnillik Yot says:

    Fact of the matter is, being right-wing will repulse 80% of Zoomer and Millennial women.


    1. timocrat3 says:

      Things are about to change with the economic situation as women will want protection from the collapse, but will you let them lead you when they give you sex? Lead them with a strong character, and give support only if they learn and act on your ideas. Or be a simp who is controlled by your dick, and let her use emotions to make you run around like a girl.


      1. Gnillik Yot says:

        Things will change with the economic collapse, sure, which is why it’s important for our guys to be on top when that happens. Financially I mean.

        Liked by 1 person

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