Dollar Store Reaction

By SuperLutheran

Everyone wants to be the king. No one wants to be the serf (except me).

In the Dissident Right movement, the tendency of the purity spiraler is to form an abstraction that, in his mind, becomes the sine qua non of being “right” enough. In the Alt Right, this leads to the stereotypical, plastic-stahlhelm wearing fatty demanding that I stop being a cuck and carve a swastika into my forehead. Reed Seej and all that. These people have been properly expelled from any involvement with white nationalism, and no one takes them seriously.

Neoreaction is a different story. Sure, you might find the extreme Catholic Monarchy LARPer expanding on Moldbug’s cry to reinstate the Stuarts, but more often you will find humble fathers and husbands trying to homestead, bulletproofing their lives against the impending PissEarth and trying their hardest to make Passivism work.

But how the hell does that work?

Passivism will only get you so far. I can tell you now that if a monarchy came back (or my own preferred military junta), we would be at the bottom. 100% serfdom. Collapse has to happen first, and at that point the slow march of “becoming worthy” stops cold. Oh, you can program? That’s cute. Programming will mean a lot when the entirety of the United States looks like this. Don’t even try to countersignal me. If the left wins upcoming elections, we will be facing marauding bands of ascendants enforcing revenge for Trump’s presidency; if the right wins, we’re looking at riots. The collapse of the West is an accelerating one which has to end in violence, for better or for worse. The United States invited a bunch of zombies in, bred them, and set them loose on the population: denying the incoming zombie apocalypse is as dumb as playing hopscotch on the Autobahn.

Let’s assume that collapse happens, somehow we win and somehow you made it out unscathed. The king is on his throne or Pinochet comes back from the dead or whatever and we finally have peace. Everyone is redpilled now. Food shortages have set in as the soy fields rot and the internet crashes hard once we delete all the porn sites; urban whites have to learn to pick vegetables, cook, and say “thank you sir” from the bread line again. You spent ten years building a community through Passivism, you manage a mannerbund, and everyone is getting along just fine working 14 hour days trying to rebuild. Once the economic outlook finally reaches the level of the Philippines, we rejoice to have electricity again. Sad though, that you had to burn your Evola books just before the lights came on.

This is the reality of our future. Empires rise and fall, riches come and go like the tides, and every single person in the midst of prosperity expects it to just… keep on going. No wonder neoliberals want to stop change. If Globohomo wins, you’re gonna be poor, and the backlash to a reactionary victory ensures the same.1 This is where I part ways with the powdered wigs at NRx and start calling myself a plain “reactionary” – Rx. Medicine. Stopping the madness. Being part of a new aristocracy, when victorious populists want to hang the aristocracy (here’s looking at you, Nick “rope and lightposts” Mason), is not a good starting point for seizing power. For the Alt Righter, being a Nietzschean uber-driver-mensch will mean nothing if it means protein shakes and hitting up Equinox every day while tweeting about White Genocide from the squat rack. You think you’ll be One Punch Man, calling the shots from a shiny new bike; you’ll end up riding a Huffy through neo-South Africa, hoping you can outpedal the Tidal Wave of Color. Let me rephrase for emphasis:

You.Will.Be.Poor. 95% chance.

Unless you are rich enough to live here and stay there long enough to rightfully “accept power” and “rule” (lol), you are going to go through serious economic hardship at some point. I imagine someone might rely on their innawoods skills to prosper, and I commend this. I too am a fan of Kazcynski. This is a good way to look at being rich, if it means you can hunt, clean, camp and all that. I’m working on it myself. Those that say “we can farm on our own,” well, good for you. Can the rest of everyone reading this say the same? Seriously, can you? I can’t. I bought a condo in an urban area and signed up for Bible College before I was redpilled, and then I got to Seminary in a nearby town. When everything goes to crap, it would be easy to assume that I’m doomed. For that matter, even if there is no collapse, it looks like I can’t Passivism.



Instead of submitting myself to death by subsistence slavery or starvation in the near future (I’m guessing America goes full Sepultura in ten years), I have been working on Dollar Store Reaction, or PRx. This is the way one fights against the system, adjusts to a lower standard of living, opens up funds for fighting for the Cause, and ends up a more happy, well-adjusted man. It is reaction for the urban man.

PRx: P is for Poverty

Dollar Store Reaction, or PRx, is the conscious lowering or replacement of living standards to toughen up the mind, invigorate the family, and free up financial resources to as to better support the Dissident Right and live free of debt. It is so named because that’s where I shop. I go to the Dollar Store for most of my groceries. I go to Goodwill for most of my appliances. I adopted the Grandpa Diet to do it, and I’ve never been healthier or more invigorated. Let’s get into the nitty gritty.

Again, this is the urban life. This is how you survive as a modern Thermidor. Take whatever convenience you have – cable/satellite, nice furniture, a 5 star Rachel Ray diet, and downgrade it. I know we here on the Dissident Right aren’t known for our detailed “how” answers, but here are some tips for those that want to take the same plunge as me, actually detailed lifestyle tips that will help you to achieve ascetic invincibility over societal collapse.

PRx 1: The Grandpa Diet

The first step is the easiest. Get rid of anything that Grandpa couldn’t have when he was a kid. This means no artificial sweeteners, no protein powder, no complex supplements. You can get most of these from the dollar store anyway, but it ends up being a waste of money. Drink OJ instead of Emergen-C. Eat beans – for two pounds a buck where I shop, I’ve got a month’s worth of bangers and mash for breakfast without denting my budget. No diet sodas, no Sweet N’ Lo, etc., but plenty of black coffee and multivitamins. The fun comes from replacing what you give up. I ended up going for tuna instead of Muscle Milk and haven’t looked back.

When feeding yourself and your family, you have to embrace the bottom without abandoning dignity. Meat, veggies, legumes, cheap bread, milk and juices are all dirt cheap and have such low amounts of phytoestrogens/carcinogens (your soy, high fructose corn syrup, and so forth), that the occasional binge at McDonald’s will be 100% guilt free. Is it ideal for the male body? No, but after reading assorted dietary advice, I can assure you it is the next best thing – and a hundredth the price. Maybe then we can afford podcasting paywall subscriptions, donate to Myth20C, and help get the opioid addicted some treatment.

PRx 2: Goodwill Furniture

I have a cheap foldout bed. I have a foldout table for a desk. My condo is 750 square feet, so being able to turn my bedroom into my cubicle is great. Fight me. Buying a couch new can run up to $2,000; sitting on the floor, or on a granny-squared pillow, is basically free and better for your back.

PRx 3: Entertainment

You live in the era of the smartphone. YouTube has just about anything you could ever want to watch on it, but if you insist on moving away from that bottomless content pit, keep in mind that a VCR/DVD player combo is $5 at your local thrift shop; old, non-pozzed VHS tapes and DVD’s will run anything from fifty cents to three bucks. You have to be choosy with Youtube, and that is fine – but add this to it. There’s this thing called a library – use it. Read books again. If all you have is the internet and a library card, you will never go hungry for stimulation.

When we speak of a mannerbund, we ought to mean it. One cannot spend all their time in front of a screen if he wants to rebuild a common-sense society, right? Learn to play Spades and gamble with Pringles. Take hikes, learn how to whittle, start conversations after tabletop roleplaying and work on actually knowing the guys you hang with. If you belong to a group (IE, ID, pool parties, whatever), the best way to vet guys is to get to know them this way; even if they planned on betraying you, you will make them pause by being the best thing they ever had going for them.

PRx 4: Fitness

I want to do more articles on all of these points, but I could only talk about one thing, this would be it. Divorce your local gym. Either get a home setup with kettlebells and a heavy bag like I did, learn the Charles Atlas program or Solitary Fitness, or else take up jogging and calisthenics. Door frame pull up bars are cheap. The best thing to do, and what ended up expanding my mannderbund, was working out in the complex as buddies. Your would-be workout pal has less excuses if you live next door and don’t need a gym; be that guy.

You might question this with “well, I want to do Starting Strength and get big and I can’t afford to get my own barbell and stuff.” That’s fine. But consider this – and the biggest strength for the PRx system. The greatest way you can immunize yourself from the power of Clownworld is to not give anything to it. Planet Fitness wants to make you pozzed and fat, so don’t go. Netflix wants you pozzed and hypnotized, so don’t watch. The neoliberal world runs on a steady diet of people paying subscriptions, watching ads, staying atomized, masturbating themselves into a dizzied state and afraid to go outside; the same thing that people give it, it uses to control them. You want your barbells, you can have your barbells – just know that one day, when the Lunk Alarm makes its way to Gold’s, you will be forced to choose between the newly minted Starting Strength, “Rainbow Dildo edition” and losing your gains. Better to train the one-armed pushup than to walk the tightrope.

Help me starve Woke Capital. Here’s a good starting place with free PDF’s:

The Point

I know that I can sound like the “buy gold” idiots right about now, “One day it’ll all collapse, here’s how you can be rich.” I should rather hope to say “whether it collapses or not, here’s how you don’t need to be rich.” The impoverished reactionary can essentially, using this strategy, make a larger impact on the world by disappearing from its economic enslavement, while using his salary for greater things. With it, I was able to tithe to my church, donate to right wing movements, cauterize the money bleed to garbage outlets, and free up space at home.

One becomes a modern ascetic, having all of his needs met but ingesting no poison. The monastic life has positives and builds strength. This is how my father’s side of the family has always lived life, and it has saved mine. My grandmother does not use the web at all, my father is against eating anything he doesn’t need, and every one of us has lived in cheap quarters – and made something of it. I invite readers to do the same.

1 Thankfully, we’re going to have a reactionary government either way, but that’s for a future article.

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  1. esoterictrad says:

    This was one of the worst things I’ve ever read to come out of an NRx blog.

    It reads like it was written by a highschooler who just found out about that bizarre sub community of people trying to retire at 40 by living on rice, beans and bits of string.

    Of some weird version of virtue signaling from the right about being poor and incompetent is somehow more fucking noble. Give me a break – it’s obvious the author went to seminar the worst purveyors of this kind of trash are priests.

    As for the ‘concrete advice’ complete fucking idiocy. Diet for one thing – look up the snake diet and you’ll instantly be better off.

    Go form a fucking gang, get armed, start growing food, start laying down the necessary investments to survive hard times.


    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      As a long time reader of and writer at NRx blogs, I know for a fact that this is not the worst but I thank you for the feedback.


    2. SuperLutheran says:

      Lolk. So this is exactly what I was talking about.
      “Go form a fucking gang, get armed, start growing food, start laying down the necessary investments to survive hard times.”
      Sorry chief, can’t do it. I have investments and property to maintain, as well as an education to finish up. If you tell me “well, abandon it all to start up your gang and grow food,” then that makes your advice eerily similar to the Molyneux “Defoo” cult-movement.
      As for the quality of the article, sorry if the repetition annoys you – I did it to get words/phrases stuck in the reader’s mind. I guess I won’t try that again. Overall, it sounds like this whole thing was something you needed to read but don’t want to admit to yourself. Hopefully it benefits you in some other way.


      1. esoterictrad says:


        See you are like so many in this movement – always waiting for the ‘right time’ and justifying yourself in the interim.

        You can’t see the trees for the leaves – no matter where you are you can form a gang of liked minded people. You can network in a myriad of ways from the local gun club to the gym. It’s far better if you avoid IDEOLOGICAL constraints in forming your gang – a mistake much of the far-right make in their homosexual TRS pool parties or NRx chapters or whatever the fuck. Getting armed is easy, training is easy, shooting matches, minimal investment over time. As for the growing food – well food production can be done almost anywhere. Knowing those skills and carrying knowledge with you is better. Guerrilla garden, start potato stacks, grow where you can.

        Perhaps the biggest problem is nothing in your post suggests networking or friend building, that you living poorly can somehow ride out storms.

        Please don’t flatter yourself that it was “something” I needed to read – I’ve been devouring minimalist living/prepper material for longer than you’ve probably been a Reactionary or whatever you self label as.

        Also what’s with your continual snide attacks on anyone who develops a body worth admiring with size and strength? Go read Chaos&Pain about how to get strong on a budget. Go scour craiglist for barbells and weights.

        The trouble with American Sun (and Landry and co) publishing things like this is simply there is no barrier to entry. A right-wing NRx with some bodyweight exercise fetish and likes wasting money at Dollar General (try Costco bruh) is able to get published as if it’s new or out there.

        If you’re going to pretend to post real life advice about collapse you need credentials, experience and to have had ideas pressure tested in a forum. This simply doesn’t have it.


    3. Also, snake diet’s cool, if only for the main proponent’s videos.


    4. Alfonz Cavalier says:

      It sounds like you basically agree with the author, you just don’t like the tone of the article and are attached to your fancy gym kit and chemical supplements. The concrete advice is basically the same as yours, with less emphasis on armament. Reaction is not a consumer lifestyle choice based around designer lycra and custom bump stocks.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Carolingian Kulak says:

    I wrote something surprisingly similar. Was glad to see the recognition of serfdom is on your mind as it is on mine. Maybe it isn’t as unique as I think it is. I don’t know because I’m not involved in the NRx scene like the other commenter seems to be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to hear it. if you PM me a link on Twitter to what you wrote, I’m on @Super_Lutheran. I’d love to hear your thoughts on all this, brother.
      (The account is private, but I’ll auto-accept the message request)


  3. Spooky N says:

    Good advice for the typical right-wing lemming? Yeah, I can say so.

    For those who want to commit themselves to ride the tiger and pour petrol on the ruins of the modern world? Not so much.


  4. Alfonz Cavalier says:

    I think you have to be American to assume that monarchism is a LARP.

    My country is literally a monarchy, as are many others in Europe. Secular democracy is only a few generations old in most countries around the world. Theological authoritarianism is the historic norm.

    If you’re a European right winger, it makes complete sense to assume that a restoration of the Church and Altar that were centres of authority as recently as the early 20th century is our best hope of political sanity. That’s doubly true as lack of land, property and gun laws, and the existence of a real life, land-owning, fairly pozzed aristocracy in the Old World makes the whole ‘get a ranch and a sub machine gun and hold out against the pinkos’ approach impractical.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly man, you’re right. I wrote specifically to an American audience, and a return to some awesome monarchism is more likely in the European context. It’s one of the reasons why I look to South American juntas as my “ideal government” for the U.S.
      Here’s hoping that your efforts and those of your compatriots can bring some sanity back to Europa.


  5. D. Schmitt says:

    I agree with the basic gist, and have been thinking for a while now about asceticism. We certainly need to reject/interrupt the surrogate activity/status ladder thing, but how best to do this is still needs more work. Perhaps the Amish, Pashtun and Chechens are something to study as a relatively successful models in certain areas.

    Also while “becoming worthy” is incomplete (perhaps intentionally) I don’t think denigrating the idea is helpful. How does a just power form in a vacuum? Just men turn to the one they know that is most competent (worthy) and are willing to fight for him. Just like JBP’s room cleaning it is not an end point, but a beginning.


  6. Shrill Kiners says:

    I’ve been poor and I’ve been middle income, and I prefer the latter. If you ever intend to marry and start a family, it’s worth noting that women also prefer it. There are seasons in a man’s life. You will NEVER again have as much health, resilience, and energy as you do between your 18th and 40th birthdays, no matter how health-conscious you are. The body simply wears out, and it is nice to accrue some assets during that period, not because they’re a sure thing or a panacea, but because having them raises your odds. Trading hard, dirty, dangerous work for durable assets in this stage of life is a very good bet; it’s a way of betting on yourself. Men who aren’t getting ahead financially often dream of a collapse scenario that ameliorates the bad effects of their failure to do so. Well, the fact is that it might not happen when one expects, and it might not shake out in the way one expects. I endorse frugality as a way of life but balk at the idea that keeping one’s income low is any sort of preparation for anything; if things get very bad, everyone will snap into survival mode pretty intuitively, and your previous years of eating sardines won’t be as much of a leg up as you expect.

    Having a mannerbund is good, proximity with them is good, but in the case of a collapse, your actual resources will matter a lot, and there are many valuable items and skills that you can get for money today, provided that you have leftover money. Systems are very resilient even when they have bad fundamentals. Buy a rifle and an old truck in case things collapse, and some dividend paying railroad stock in case they don’t. Simplicity and frugality are both potent means, but overrated ends. Expecting to be delivered solely because of them is just as much of a COPE as what the preppers or the gramscian bureaucracy-drillers are doing, if not moreso.


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