Winners, Losers & Links


Pfizer – Vaccine sales up by the billions and the regime is gearing up to mandate it for all.

Asset holders – Inflation is here and real, the FED is staying at 0% and major corporations are lining up debt offerings to fund buybacks.

Mask manufacturers – The face bibs go on again for millions. Enjoy the sales, 3M!


Kids – If in schools, they repeat last year’s covid theater. Even if not, there will be increasing calls to vax the children.

Simone Biles – She’s the GOAT! The greatest! The AWFLs and black queens were defending her courageous, quitting decision. There will be another GOAT. Social media posters already forgot Gabby Douglas existed. The last thing many will remember of Ms. Biles is the mental health withdrawal. Anyone going to check on the internet theory concerning adderall?

Anyone who doesn’t agree with the ADL – ADL now working with Paypal in what will likely be the beta test for financial deplatforming across financial entities.


When it comes to elite thought, what will the neighbors think?

Taibbi dives into the murky waters of student loans and bankruptcy law.

It is impossible to compare the California and Texas models if you never cite California’s many problems.

If you dislike David French and the type of traitorous, holier than though act he puts on, read this Anton essay.

First we bullied journalists, now we are called to bullying generals.

Moving Porn.

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  1. Oliver Onion says:

    Really excellent batch of articles this week. 👍🏻


  2. GDR says:

    If you are permanently disabled your student loans can be dismissed after 5 years, though you still need to pay a tax on it as it counts as income.

    If you are a disabled veteran, they can be dismissed immediately and as of now there is no federal tax on it though there may be state taxes.

    Source: I work in a non-profit that deals with the homeless, many of whom are veterans and people who gave up on life after they paid 2x their student loans principal and owed more money than they started.

    There are ways out, it just takes someone who knows how the system works to get you through it. I expect we’ll see a lot of Millennials on disability after this year from the dreaded Long Covid, and in 5 years we’ll get another economic collapse (aren’t we on our 5th economic collapse for our cohort?) just in time for the Zoomers to finish university.


  3. NC says:

    As for student debt……The Boomers ensured it will have to be paid back because of all the defaults. Have an uncle that took advantage of that. Have a father that leaves lousy tips because they don’t have a degree and don’t deserve the $$$. Of course is Master Bater level degree makes him entitled.


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