The Disappearing Americans

Submitted by Chet

Growing up in a rural community, it was common to hear stories involving lifelong denizens of cities and suburbia with an idyllic view of the countryside deciding to make a move. The idea of growing gardens, being part of close knit communities where everyone knew everyone else, and having their children play with the semi-tame cats outside brings a wholesome view of old Americana that not even modern media can fully extinguish. Upon moving, the dirty, pungent realities of large-scale gardening, animal husbandry, and incessant small-town gossip gave a very different view, and a very different way of life. The taboos of city life have little effect, while a whole new set of taboos have to be learned. Upon the exodus of many people from the cities stemming from getting a little too close to diversity last year, many assumed that a new generation of people will get the same hard lessons, or ruin their new home by exporting the poisons from where they came from.

A month ago I had a conversation with a married couple selling Real Estate for clients in a major U.S. city.  My wife and I sat around the dinner table with them, assuming to hear stories of excited clients making a huge payday with the housing boom.  The impression I received from him was a more subdued, almost mourning tone.

“No, he explained, “it’s actually a lot different than that.  About nine out of ten of our clients are selling to move to the country.”

The instant thought I had was of the family I knew who moved and tried to raising egg-laying chickens, only to fail miserable and try to slaughter them to eat, only to get skin and bones.  Did they have any idea of what they were doing?

He continued to explain how they weren’t doomsday type people, nor ignorant people with little understanding of country life, or even people who were impacted by the BLM riots of the last year, but simply normal folks who have a sinking feeling of something terrible coming in the horizon.  They were people he had relationships with, and only had a primary interest of your average family.  Most of their politics were mildly right but hardly what would be considered hard-right.  They weren’t looking to build a new community, or to even be self-sustaining to work the land.  The underlying plan of everyone was, quite simply, to disappear from general society.  It wasn’t a flash of idealism, but a fundamental dread of something terrible in modernity that had no distinct form.  Like a Lovecraftian monster, the only option was to flee and make oneself invisible.

While harrowing, I considered it an interesting anecdote until, a few weeks later, another family I was close to explained how they, too, were moving away, and told my wife and I the exact same reason.  They didn’t have any high aspirations for living on the soil for virtues sake, but as a possible necessity to withstand what is coming.  They noticed the increasing radicalization in their part of suburbia as their neighbors slowly seemed to be turning into fanatics for a strange and foreign ideology.

It’s easy, in retrospect, to understand the aura of doom.  The Covid hysteria that turned annoying leftist neighbors into wannabe stasi-snitches has only accelerated, as many have found they like the taste of this new found power.  Many people who live in the suburbs now don’t see their neighbor with a Gay Pride flag waving on their doorstep as an annoyance, but an existential threat to their existence.  The neighbors of suburbia who once only had political differences have become uncompromising enemies with no hope of peaceful resolution.

State sponsored violence has now been given the green light, as the violence and disarray that lit up the cities in fire will inevitably come to the suburbs eventually, and it doesn’t matter how many guns are in the house when a SWAT team in armored vehicles kicks down your house for having the audacity to shoot a trespasser to defend your family.  Rest assured, that neighbor with the BLM sign will be more than happy to tell the local news media how you were a white supremacist who had it coming.

As for people who scoff and ask these people exiting general society why they don’t organize, the answer is simple.  It’s either too late, or too early for that depending on your timeframe.  Any attempt to formally organize with the old rules now causes attention from a vastly more powerful and hostile opponent, and things are too stable right now in the regime to risk creating attention on oneself. 

The time for mass formal organization was twenty years ago.  It’s gone now.  The Federal Government has shown it will put any resource necessary to track down and subvert any formal organization that could be construed in any way as extremist.  The bank shutting down your account, getting on a no-fly list, and getting attention on Social Media will dramatically decrease your chance of survival.  To most with anything to lose, it’s not worth the risk.

To the people trying to survive, organization can only be informal, with understanding nods of heads, clannish ties by blood, and mutual cooperation for basics of life becoming locally sourced.  It’s returning to the soil and first surviving the cataclysm.  Mass organization comes after the collapse, and there’s nothing we can do to escape the inevitable.  Only once collapse comes, and the current power centers are too busy fighting each other over the wreckage of current society can formal organization have any sort of success.

As a stupid young person, I had the naive idealism of moving to a large metropolis and beating the odds by making a name for myself. I imagined the city as full of opportunity to meet different people, make connections, and expand my horizons from the well-meaning but ultimately cloistered residents of my small town. Now, as I look at my neighbors, one with the intersectionality flag flying proudly and the other with the “I believe” yard sign, beating the odds and just surviving might require going back to my rural roots and disappear along with them.

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  1. miforest says:

    the BLM riots this summer were a tremendous wake up . the police will not protect you, and if you protect yourself they will arrest and jail you .
    below is a small sample of how the cops will treat you .


  2. Magic Dirt says:

    I live in one of America’s Woke Megacities but grew up in a tiny town. It’s bleak. How did it get like this? On the one hand, many millions of people in my situation were all but forced into the big cities to find a high paying job. That was a direct consequence of the Republican policies of the 80s and 90s forcing local businesses into bankruptcy with the Scourge of Wal-Mart and shipping every company that could be moved overseas. So, we lost our ability to earn a living. I think their idea was that we would “organize”, as you say, by going to Church. It didn’t work. Now the Catholics and big protestant denominations use the refugees crossing our southern border as cash cows and they don’t really even try to attract white people to go to church at all. I have never once met someone who invited me to church living in the city. So, we lost our jobs, our communities, and our churches and with those, we were atomized and conquered. It took about 30 years. Now we are being replaced.

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    1. GDR says:

      Magic Dirt, look on the bright side: all those illegals, “refugees”, and shitlibs near you are a valuable resource post-apocalypse. Properly castrated using a Callicrate goat bander, the average shitlib ex-male can be sold to the Mormons for a bushel of corn. The female shitlibs will ensure that you have many grandkids.


  3. Frank Columba says:

    Landrace Americans need to get the hell out of the cities and find a small town house with big yard and plant a garden, start with potatoes easy peesey. Work your way up from there.

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  4. NC says:

    “Many people who live in the suburbs now don’t see their neighbor with a Gay Pride flag waving on their doorstep as an annoyance, but an existential threat to their existence”
    At least they identify themselves pridely! I just let them know they are #1 when I pass their house. Now the FMers that had “science is real”, “Bi-Camel-Toe” and Nancy Craig signs up, then took them down. They are the ones to watch and remember what they did. Funny how one couple lost a child to sids (now I know why, sin of pride) and the others AWFL is 300+ lbs. Have to assume their offspring are Daemons too.
    Fly old glory to identify your house. Its either going to be burned or left alone.


    1. GDR says:

      NC, a BLM sign on a front lawn means that the owner doesn’t have a gun. Consider this and recalibrate your behavior accordingly.


  5. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo .


  6. JaiSeli says:

    If they’re “woke DemonRATs” they’ll “turn on you” regardless. Best be a git’n “red county rural” ASAP and ‘hunkered-down”, grouped, gunned, gardened and . . . “System-D SIMPLIFIED”. The Lord’s “Will from the beginning” is again becoming increasingly manifested in FELLOWSHIP of the REPENTed/REDEEMed. The “Remnants are GATHERing”. Lock[ed] and load[ed]. NO Fear/Hate when,”… where two or three GATHER together …”, What/Who “abides”? “JC always before me/we” cuz … there are no atheists in foxholes or within defensive perimeters surrounded by gov Fast & Furious-armed roving gangs and/or desperate, displaced, UNrepenting/UNprepared “citYzens/coasters/urbies”. Bring it and “return me to my Home” (GFR – “Closer to Home”) this “Red County Rural”, drafted ‘Nam VFW! MAGA – “Make America Gracious/Grateful Again/Always”. Ooo-rah


  7. Once upon a time there was a country comprised of Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. The nation thrived and prospered under the umbrella of their Constitutional Republic, bolstered by the fact that the citizens of the republic came together and agreed to disagree. Slowly but surely, liberalism, a socialist ideology, mutated into a deadly plague which infected approximately half of the population. This dreaded illness has resulted in a country that is now comprised of Liberals VS Conservatives and Democrats VS Republicans and left untreated, will ultimately lead to the death of the Republic. It’s time to take a stand…


  8. Vxxc says:

    “ To most with anything to lose, it’s not worth the risk.”

    Anything to lose? That’s anyone and everyone.

    Lol. You’ll lose it all and life itself that way, and good riddance to selfish cowards.

    Kindly don’t move to my hometown. Cast down your bucket where you are…


  9. JaiSeli says:

    Right on! Hope you are already “hunkered-down”, “red county rural”, grouped, gunned, gardened and . . . “System-D SIMPLIFIED”. Otherwise . . . tick-tock.


  10. Rover Random says:

    You nailed it – bravo! The dread you describe is real, pervasive, and getting stronger. I feel it every day all the time unless I lose myself in something. Escape plans occupy my thoughts. Lost a colleague to an escape in Jan, and a buddy to a semi-escape in Nov (he went somewhere for 3mo and is still there). I’m concerned I’m dallying too long.

    The sense is that a storm is coming, and historical events will play out. It’s not clear if we’re in 1933 or in 1938 Germany; or 1905 or 1914 or 1917 Russia; or at some equivalent place on the French or Roman or whatever timelines; what is clear is that we are on the edge of the precipice and, at the risk of mixing metaphors, Cthulhu is lumbering toward us. You can’t fight Nazi Germany – that takes a Russia with the Anglos. But you can book a ticket for Lisbon – while there is still time.


  11. Cold War Boomerwaffen says:

    I too grew up rural in the Ozarks. After the Army, divorce and 10 years or technology experience under my belt I moved to Silicon Valley and after after a few years married a Thai farm girl I met over there on an extended vacation. We married and I bought a place for us in the Santa Cruz mountains. We’ve been up here about 20 years and a copilot years ago bought a new but run down property even further from the nearest town. I really hadn’t done anything really rural but improve the last place. No garden, chickens, fruit trees etc., as it was under the Redwod canopy. In the new place I put my rural upbringing and military determination to converting our acreage to a ranch complete with an old John Deere. I’m up to 7 chainsaws Rancher and Pro. We’ve cleared over 100 trees, vast swaths of manzanita and holly. Had earth moved with dozers to creat massive fire breaks, planted an orchard, started a small garden, built a bass pond, have a bunch of plump chickens, ducks, guineas and geese. The geese are really awesome. If you socialize them and hand feed them they make excellent chicken guards. The guineas as well but they aren’t as intelligent and scream a lot. But are good guard dogs. We built a large double coop plumbed and wired, with a large predator secured run. We are at the top of a mountain and we get sideways rain and occasionally snow even here in the Bay Area. If I didn’t have prior experience this would’ve been impossible. I did hire people to help but also cut the vast majority of trees myself and my wife helped cut them up for firewood. I added propane and two generators. We have long term food and are on a well. The property is secluded and it’s the last house on a private road. Unless you specifically know it’s there it’s invisible. Even the entrance to the property is overhung with huge old moss covered oaks and a think wall of brush. The home doesn’t because visible until you enter a narrow road and drive under a short tunnel of oaks and brush. Not inviting at all especially during the rainy season. My workers call it the haunted forest. That makes us happy.

    All this said…I was talking to one of my conservative friends and asked him what his STFU plan was. He told me bug out to the country and basically camp in the mountains. I asked him if he knew of a water source, no. What about food any rations or hinting skills, any foraging skills, any survival training? No to all. I told him that setting aside all of the quick deaths from lack of water, that food and shelter unavailability would end almost all the unprepared that weren’t in camps with 3 weeks to a months. A few that could forage and had water would last up to 90 days. But they’d have to compete with those around them and organized pillagers. I gave him some suggestions and haven’t heard back. Unsurprisingly a couple of our old neighbors and friends said they’d all head here if SHTF. I can sustain our family if I’m lucky and would have some surplus eggs. Our birds can produce about 5,000 annually. I’ll do bees in the spring. I can make wine, mead amd cider. It’s okay. But in SHTF it’s as good as Screaming Eagle. One of the old neighbors is a young shiftless drunkard. His father called me today about giving him some work. I said happy to. Right now I need skilled carpentry, which he doesn’t do. He said labor. I said I have that but it’s heavy and it’s in the sun. So he’s going to come up and look.

    Moving up here with no experience and no skills is certainly possible. But it ain’t easy McGee. 😉


  12. whodat says:

    Good article and good comments. Glad I found this site.


  13. Lt. Greyman, NVA says:

    Yes, there is a large majority of people who will hate and fear the regime, but simply not be in a position to fight. Raising small children, crippled, elderly, sick, etc. Luke Skywalker said, “Look, I hate the empire but there is nothing I can do about it.”


  14. GDR says:

    > It’s either too late, or too early for that depending on your timeframe.

    It’s too late to organize for peaceful (or sub-lethal violent) resistance, and too early to organize for lethal resistance.

    The city and suburbs are only useful if you’re looking for lots of shitlibs to rip off. I was recently diagnosed as type 1 diabetic. As I have no hope of surviving the apocalypse without a 5 year supply of insulin and a refrigerator to keep it in, and I don’t have the means to escape to another country, I now dedicate my life to subverting shitlibs and impregnating their wives and girlfriends.

    Pour one out for me when the shooting starts and supply lines fail. Never let it be said that I didn’t make the best of my situation.


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