Cossack or Cowboy (Pick Your Reins)

By Timocrat in Life on the Steppes (Dealing with the Hordes)

Some time back I discovered an old paperback book named, `The Cowboys & the Cossacks` by Clair Huffaker on a dusty bookshelf, and after reading it found within its pages some of the themes that still hold true today with the ongoing war on the Eurasian Steppes. I will much expand the focus to unearth the clash, of what some might claim is the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse going on in our world, but within the cowboy and Cossack myths underlie the psyche of its peoples.

JRR Tolkien was indispensable in rooting the English speaking world with its own mythology and iconic characters of our ancient shared European past. This goes to the deeper aspects of our being as to what we are. Cowboys and Cossacks are our more immediately history and cultural symbols that some are trying to do away with, as can be seen in our most important movie history of our recent generations. It is no mistake or fluke that many of our epic movie stories are now under attack, and these storylines or narratives are deliberately being destroyed. The false excuses given are many, but it is the people behind this woke agenda that have other more Hegelian Dialectics in mind.

For many unhistorical youth their movies stories are what is left of their refection of themselves that is untouched by the chaos. The cultural creators have moved on from destroying history, through endless revisionism, to destroying impressionable psyches as a continuation of deracinating the population from all connections of themselves and their past. Collapsing or weakening the nation, religion, community, history, family, literature and now presently our movies and social media is underway. This is being done in the hopes of making our youth further castaways in their own lives, so as to leave them ready to grasp any new versions giving to them by the powerful in the form of a likely new religion, new culture and new international government.

The virtual world (like META) could be the place these mental refugees are meant to flee to as it becomes at first what they hoped their real lives would be, but likely will become deracinating as the real world as nothing seems to be able to escape this agenda. The alternative this rats maze is to reach back and grab our past forms of reflection and hang on to them until we get a natural one that can replace the old standards that will past the test of time and not merely one generation.

The First Mustangs

Both the Americas and the Russia/ Ukraine Steppes have had their version of horse riders. Whether it is `goucho` in Argentina, or `el Vaquero` in other parts of Spanish America, the roots of all versions of Western cowboys do start with the Spanish horses that escaped from the early conquistadors, that became the wild mustangs still found in patches of the western USA today.

Upon discovery and capture of these horse, the aboriginal tribes of the plains used them to better the lives of their peoples on the prairie in their main use of the hunting of bison. Later on, came the American and Canadian horse breeds from the Northern Europeans, who horses were sometimes mixed with these mustangs on the ranches.

The cowboy myths we are all so familiar with tend to heavily come out of Hollywood movies, though their spirit still remains in other more just forms, and in some independent occupations like that of our truckers or oil riggers for example.

Within my own family my grandfather Jack broke in horses for a bit of extra money during the Great Depression. Jack talked sparingly, like Gary Cooper, but would still be on point at the heart of the matter. Tough as nails he was, as he learned from his father to drive teams of 2 to 6 horses pulling supplies over icy rivers in the depth of winter for the Hudson Bay Company. The destination was very near the border of the Northwest Territories. Kind of like those relatively recent TV shows with truckers driving their rigs over the rivers in winter, but the old timers had to carry the food for the horses, had no vehicle cabins or shelters, and no lights or rescue vehicles to save them if you got stuck or went through the ice. They only had the code of fellow sleigh drivers to help one another.

A real representation of an average cowboy`s daily work could be boring, lonely, and intermittently dangerous. A stampede of hundreds of cattle could endanger both man and horse. The weather was often scorching in the summer, bitterly cold in the winter and periods of heavy rains or snow with no respite. Like in the movies, cowboys moved herds, often slept outside, sometimes without tents, and struggled to find decent food to eat. They received low pay for their hard and physical work for being in the saddle all day.

The cowboy character, which came to be sold to the public, became a standard theme that was attractive for people to identify with in its toughness, rugged individualism, distrust of authorities, dislike of urban living or rural by choice, spartan with words, doers over talkers, warry of the sauce (booze), mentoring only of the worthy and a stumbling lack of verboseness with women. Much of this was generally true, yet the gun fighter and other traits that started to leak out of the new Babylon have taken this vision in new directions that for those of us that know our history is pure Taradiddles (lies, tall tales).

The Old Hollywood Hoedown

Few people are aware of the choice of the British- American establishment made in the creation of Hollywood. There was a time that the HQ for movies, to sway the masses, might have ended up in England. There were much more movies at that time coming out of England, but it was decided that Americans would not warm to any red coat stars from across the pond, and so Hollywood California was chosen, but not with some less obvious clues to its purpose.

Holy Wood denotes a magic wand, as you see in the Disney Mickey Mouse ads when Mickey has the cloak of a Wizard and goes back to the very unchristian druids and their holy trees. There is a town of Hollywood in Scotland (as well as Ireland) that has a history connected to early religious times, like Doire Congaill, Congall’s oak-copse and Johannes de Sacrobosco. Sacrobosco has very much a history like that of a Rosicrucian. So, this choice of location in California might have had a little more of a meaningful esoteric purpose to it.

Lookout Mountain Laboratory in California was placed nearby and was originally envisioned as an air defense center. Located in Laurel Canyon* it was built in 1941 and nestled in two-and-a-half secluded acres off what is now Wonderland Park Avenue. The installation was hidden from view of the public for the most part and surrounded by an electrified fence and has lots of hidden underground passageways, likely similar to those discovered by the apes in the first Planet of the Apes movies with Charleston Heston. There was a state-of-the-art movie studio for the secret services of the time, as most of the WWII propaganda films were created there. Visitors to this, then top secret locale, were a who’s who of big names (John Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Howard Hawks, Ronald Reagan, Bing Crosby, Walt Disney and Marilyn Monroe). Yet we will have to cover this in more detail at another time.

Cowboy Ethics vs. the Good Prussian Soldier/Student

The cultural creators had a problem after building up the western bull nurse (cowboy), as you could hear stories from military trainers in the US Armed forces having to have drill sergeants shout at new recruits that they did not need any `John Wayne types` here, as they needed to be team players. It is hard to imagine some new employee at Walmart being told they do not need any Justin Timberlake types today. Yet that was a problem at that time in the armed forces. During the world wars many actors felt the need to fight in the war in some way, and many did, for fear of suffering for all time in not measuring up to the tough guys they played in flicks, or due to honest patriotic duty. Aside from the late great Pat Tillman, and the issues surrounding who killed him, we do not see any actors or actresses feeling any urge to sign up for duty as a way to better play a fighting character better, or do as the earlier actors did. Instead, these junipers (an easterner or an inexperienced cowhand) repeat cliches of how they do not like guns and red necks in movie promotion interviews, while they are acting like shootin` specialists in the movies, to make money and gain fame.

In the military there is a need to break down and rebuild up new recruits into a ‘following the orders kind of team player`. This involves breaking their mythology at the time, whether they are aware of it or not, for this is how people see themselves, and most importantly this can be changed in a tough crisis. Many that come from a sheltered existence are more easily broken down too, as spoiled mommas’ boys are easier to rearrange. In MK Ultra brainwashing (we are told) women and very young people are easier targets, unlike the Jason Bourne series implies.

Gay men have been used in history also, as cutting their ties with any ideas of manhood is easier to do. Estranged or absent fathers are known more to lead boys to gangs or gay males, and from here to organizations that can use them to our detriment. Most people only see the dandy gays in movies and are unaware of the killers that one can see in books like the Pink Swastika by Scott Lively/Kevin Abrams. Yet for a more modern and US centered version of this please watch the Kay Giggs Story on how homosexuality has changed things in the armed forces. Please understand these techniques were all brought over from the British MI5 and MI6, and probably first used in the navy.

Wars have been claimed by the elite as the best time to change a country`s culture and myths, or the related slogan is to bring `Order Out of Chaos`. By causing chaos you then bring a new cultural agenda to the scared and desperate people. Just look now at what is being piggybacked on the pandemics and non-stop scary narratives. With the black clad storm troopers of many police departments today, who bairnish ear-splitting sound weapons, tasers, and the like, it might be better to have a hell of a lot of John Wayne types saying in their ranks, ` Now hold on a minute, are we not supposed to be wearin` white hats and catchin` the corrupt owners of the town that are runnin` everythin`? ` If you doubt the above just look into the life of Major General Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine in US history at the time, who stopped a US coup attempt (the Business Plot) of the US government by the business fat cats, prior to the US entrance into WWII. Smedley surely had a bit of the cowboy ethos in him on how to deal with rattlesnakes.

Much of the historical roots of this kind of problem for the elite with independent minded soldiers or Jimmying a bull (shooting a law officer), can be found in history, as with the head of international freemasonry, and known homosexual, the King of Prussia, Fredrick the Great. Old Mighty Fred had also suffered from soldiers that would not follow orders in the 1700s in his demands to kill civilians etc. Having proved himself to be a yellowbelly at his first battle and run off to find out later his army had won the battle during his skedaddling; we find it is a funny old world.

The solution for the high and mighty to this kind of solder was known as the Prussian Education System and can also be seen the Hessian soldier training. Later adopted by the USA, under another the name of Progressive Education. The Classics were one of the first things removed from our education system, and the good little workforce was made for what the Anglo-American allied oligarchy wanted. One can see this in the bells used before and after class, as to get the workforce to react to bells like Pavlov`s dogs. We cannot look at the first versions of the Progressive Education system now and not feel nostalgic for a time when children wore uniforms, and so had less time spent on a fashionable status seeking wardrobes of great expense. Or standing up for the teacher when they entered, when the real key to this education system is obedience to authority.

Now most of us can see the woke educational distortion, and how sympathetic we all are to parents who are apologetically saying that their children are theirs and who cares about your school board `Authoritah` (South Park), yet it is the maverick nature that has been lost in the American population, often with the father being removed from the home, that has let things get so out of hand. Yet it is our icons and characters we watch and mimic that have been distorted with a purpose. Regardless of where we are now you can see that many elites will not rest until we are like the Betas, Gammas, Deltas and lowly Epsilons of the Brave New World dystopia.

Anyone worth their military salt will also know of how a disproportionate number of southerners (called galvanized Yankees) have been in the US military from the time after the Civil War, and how the purging has gone on with political correctness taking to extreme levels recently. Anti-vaxers, anti-gay, anti-woke, anti-illegal immigrant, strict Christians, and many other principled enlisted people, that are from the mainstream, are being canned or demoted from the army forces.

With this in mind, I hope the technological weapons we have had made are as good as we hope they are, with so many lion-like men and women being kicked out for not being politically correct. It is known in history that lion-types (direct people) rise to the tops in war, while in peace time more fox-types rise to positions of power with the expected results. Saying no to the leadership on occasion is a lot better that killing your officers in combat, as was known to be done in the Vietnam War. I thought we had learned all the lessons from that war? It seems we have not.

The Legion of Decency (LOD)

Effective social Christianity was there with Hollywood and cowboys too at the start, but it was not so because Hollywood wanted it, far from it, but because of the Legion of Decency hit the studios hard with boycotts when they were changing over to talkies. It was the Catholics who united best and boycotted films effectively, and that got Hollywood studio executives to actually come begging in tears to lift the boycotts. This is a lesson that should not be lost on people today, yet all good Christians supported the Catholic lead of LOD. Even back then Hollywood wanted to bring sex and decadency slowly into the mainstream, like the boiling of the frog we can see so clearly over time. Freedom of speech was a thing Hollywood screamed back then with how `McCarthyism` had gone after the communists in tinsel town, which was `so` bad, as we were hammered endlessly later for it. Now with the left`s control of the reins of power they are forcing a shutdown of opponents. It is more than hypocrisy:

“When I am Weaker Than You, I ask you for Freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am Stronger than you, I take away your Freedom Because that is according to my principles.”

― Frank Herbert, Children of Dune

So, when they were weaker the honest straight shootin` cowboy icon was brought to bear, and there were many actors who tried to fit the mode best. John Wayne won the ideal. There were other lesser versions, but only in the Duke can one follow events with some clarity. The British did try to bring in friendly forces at the beginning of Hollywood with lots of actors from Canada, as they could not warm the Americans too soon with a full on set of British actors, who preferred the stages in Old Blighty (UK), and sounding very much like red coats. Still the Royal Canadian Mounties were presented in a good light and so some warming to England took place.

Warming to the English people is something we all want; but warming to the British elite is a whole different matter. In recent history the endless smart British villains in Hollywood movies, who have the RP (Received Pronunciation) or Queens English is very well known. Yet what many do not note as much is how the dumb British villains often have lower-class British accents. It seems the old class divisions has been maintained in movies over time, even outside of the older Upstairs-Downstairs time period. Classism is not dead over there, and here as well, as we will see.

Films in 1960s -1970s

When the Hollywood establishment finally wanted to move to the next icon to sway the masses, they had problems, as the people did not want the cowboy to go. The Hollywood big shots made out that the Hippies were tired of these movies, but the movie Easier Rider was very much just a new set of hog horsepower with a hidden agenda to split the public. Before John Wayne they had Bogie (Humphry Bogart), and afterwards they went with Jack Nicolson, but they never really stuck, aside from those worshipping at the new idols of their generation. Bogie was too city for the rural parts, and never had the long legs as the Duke still has. Still as a symbol of masculinity I would prefer Bogie to anything that comes from that Hollywoodland today. One of my, and many others, favorite movies was the first Blade Runner movie, that was just another version of the gritty streetwise, cut to the chase, several moves ahead, and has a rough way of dealing with the femme fatales Bogie style. Though Blade Runner was played by Harrison Ford in an anti-hero style, we can still see the jaded flawed character of Bogie even in this picture. Harrison Ford was not veering too much of a break then from his Star Wars Han Solo character too, who had some Bogie in him. While George Lucas` Star Wars and Gene Roddenberry`s Star Trek were sold as wagon trains to the stars, and the people still flocked to what Hollywood was not wanting to sell, the moviegoers still held on to moral characters even as Christianity slumped or was distorted. Hence why Disney`s intentional assaulted on the Star Wars franchise has occurred.

They eventually went with Clint Eastwood, as they could make him move into the city, and get him morally dirty and dark- like a Bogie. Still Bogie dealt with the dark (film Noir), Clint Eastwood killed it or ignored it. The movie Coogan’s Bluff shows their effort with Clint before they gained subtlety. The key to this cultural creation was that criminals are only found at the low to medium levels of society and never at the top. Like with murder mystery detectives, the Moriarty(s) were never found to be at the tops of the biggest power structures or running governments. Even in the 007 genre the leaders of our governments were still good guys, as the robber barons had somehow made a polite exit to Davos or Bilderberg, it would seem, and could not be seen running the show from behind the curtain in movies. It seems art imitates, confuses and mimics the official agenda, And not real life anymore.

Edgy Jack Nicolson was where they wanted to go in creating a new man, and Brando and James Dean is where they ended up for a time. Emotionally confused as these characters were presented in their roles, no cowboy-like average male had time to state why Freud was wrong, as they had hard work to do. The possible goals of the new distorted culture was to make men face the dark side of life (questioning Christianity at the fringes or in a deep dive for most). Where the 1930s, 1940s and even the 1950s the movies got Americans ready to join the armed forces, after Vietnam Hollywood wanted males that were disturbed, or were playboy spy machines like 007, and so started the split personalities we see in full force today in film. The Phoenix Program in Vietnam needed cover for the new man – one would guess. Jason Bourne is a still a good guy who had his mind split, yet when did this splitting of agents really start, and how about actors being split to play the spilt roles and not spilt roles? There needs to be talk on this.

The part left out of the Prussian education of soldiers, and spy agents in the movies, was the Prussian Disease (PD), which was homosexuality in the ranks. Dating back to the Knightly Orders, which had `no women allowed`, where these males were supposed to be chaste and said to live like monks, the Prussian Disease got its first hold. So many military scandals to this effect were widely known to the public in the countries of German and Austrian-Hungary prior to WWI, with even the King of Austria`s own son shooting his male lover (not a woman) in the Mayerling Incident and then himself- which was well before Sarajevo and the assassination of his cousin Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the start of WWI.

While with English spy movies there was no need to sleep a man with man, if you wanted to help `God, King and Country` in would seem, for the English boarding schools and their `fagging tradition` was left out of lover James Bond and also Harry Potter movies too. From the Village People singing group of gay men in cowboy outfits, shaking their butts on stage, to the Brokeback Mountain movie we have an organized attempt to bring the agenda by the backdoor, pun intended.

Yet like you see with the present `Get Woke Go Broke` the response of the public and mavericks at large is a `no go`. The same reaction happened with the Disco Sucks Movement, which stopped the replacement of the much talented band members with programmable drums and such. We see today where this led as young cute singers that do not choose their own clothes, do not compose their own tunes, do not write their own lyrics, do not choreography their own dance steps and sometimes do not even sing their handlers` created songs! So far we have fallen as a culture to trendiness and effeminacy.

Underneath we still like our heroes to have good characters, over the fact they are quick with a gun and fist, when need be. They are having a hard time getting rid of the cowboys as we see them in science fiction and in TV series still today. Versions of cowboys are far from dead, and Hollywood and the creators of our decadent art really just hate that, second only to Christianity being seen in a good light. They will continue to turn the character of the cowboy into a black hat as much as we will let them. Like the Legion of Decency boycott hard and boycott often.

We may be simplistic people in seeing things as white hats and black hats, but there is something worse in seeing, and that is everything as grey hats. Once the cowboy myth is gone we are culturally defenseless to protect ourselves with a unifying way to work together, for cowboys are straight talkers, and without straight talk about problems, we are instead left to the effete ways of understanding everyone feelings and emotions and not upsetting them. How will logic get us out `that hole` we are doomed to fall into if we cannot talk and shoot straight?

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    Adolph Hitler was a great fan of the Karl Mays cowboy novels. He has his soldiers carry them into battle for reference.
    He said that the Soviets fought like the Indians did.


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    I like the way you talk.

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    You hope technology keeps the military strong despite purging human capital?

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    be careful what you wish for . just exactly who do you think that military wil be used against?

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    1. NC says:

      Goyium, of course! Silly Rabit


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